The customizable A.I. workforce platform for courts, government and business

The future A.I. workforce for u.s. courts, government and business is here

The fully integrated platform that meets all of the needs of your constituents/customers. Avatars get smarter with use and always serve with a smile.

Self-Service Avatar Kiosks

Friendly avatar chatbots manage and complete repetitive tasks through the ARS Connect Human-to-Computer (HCI) platform.

Integrated A.I. Platform

ARS Connect Kiosks connect to one another, other devices (computer, mobile, etc.) and across multiple locations.

Secure Video Conference Platform

Ask about our remote Court Hearing Platform as well as our other versions for Government and Business.

meet your new a.i. team

Smart : Friendly : Ready to help

Revolutionary A.I. Ecosystem

ARS CONNECT is an A.I. ecosystem that is deployed on robots, kiosks, computers, laptops, tablets, web and mobile devices. Through A.I. and machine learning, ARS CONNECT, along with its chat bot avatars, become smarter at doing their job, and assisting your team. ARS CONNECT and it’s intelligent avatars connect courts, government and businesses to their constituents and customers in a whole new and better way!

ARS CONNECT and out A.I. avatars work on kiosks, tablets, computers and more; they eliminate face-to-face contact. Kiosks can connect to live remote tele-help at any time.


Why choose ars Connect for your Court, Government Institution or Business?

Completely Integrated System

Our software works across computers, tablets, mobile devices and kiosks.



We customize our software to meet your unique needs and incorporate your branding.


COVID-19 Safe

Our system reduces the need for in person communication to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Experienced Team

Our team has worked with multiple courts, government facilities and businesses and understands your goals and needs

ARS Connect Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) platform


Seeing is believing! Check out this court use video. If you are a municipality or business, you can envision new ideas of how we can customize ARS CONNECT to meet your unique needs. 

ARS Connect Kiosks

Ready to help, ready to go. 

Say goodbye to boring text and image based kiosks, they don’t work anymore. The average person sees over 6,000 ad messages a day. Humans have tuned out to messaging, even when it comes to kiosks!

Human-to-Computer-Interaction (HCI)

When it comes to communication, for over 10,000 years, we as humans, want eye contact, body language, non-verbal signals like smiles and head tilts. When we communicate these small cues are built into our DNA. This is what ARS Connect’s A.I. avatar kiosk platform delivers! A real-time connection between Court/Institution and the constituents you serve. Simple touch-screen kiosks are a thing of the past, the future is here, engaging kiosks that talk, are friendly, helpful, and now, in response to COVID-19, are touch and TOUCHLESS!

Save Money and Serve Better

Our kiosks solve one of the biggest problems municipalities and businesses have, staffing. They either can’t find or afford this type of help, and when they do, 30% to 50% quit. ARS Connect kiosks never call in sick, are always friendly, save your organization money, and provide amazing service. Not only that, but the data they collect can help you deliver better service and experiences for those you serve. 

breakthrough a.i. talking kiosks

For Courts, Municipalities and Businesses

HCI at it’s Best

  • For lobbies and wayfinding
  • Court hearing check-in
  • Forms, payment, traffic, eviction, etc.
  • Answers 100s of FAQ’s
  • Multi-lingual and interpretation
  • Deploy offsite too, e.g. library
  • Connects to remote live telepresence help

Tap into the power of ARS CONNECT

It’s time to join the group.

The following have already trusted our A.I. solutions.

I appreciate the efforts from the ARS team through the entire process. The team did a great job. The decision to go with ARS was a smart one. Look forward to working with them again in the future.

John Recker, NextGen

ARS’s A.I. technology is a phenomenal attention grabber, and the conversational technology is amazing. In my 25yr experience working with technology, I haven't seen more bang for the buck!

Rob Desalle, GuestForce

We had a virtual salesperson "robot" at our last KONVEY show/event. It made a huge impact on pulling folks into our booth. I feel bad for the folks in the booth next to ours. It is difficult to compete with a robot.

David Addison, Konvey

ARS’s technology is fantastic! It really helps drive conversations with our customers.

Arturo Garcia

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